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Winter 1998 and we set out to find a suitable location for our rally, which we found in Lövåsen, Sweden. As we nearly drove into an Älg (moose) on the road to the hotel the name was born – “Älg-Rally”.

2009 - After years of long cold polar raids the Älg team started to also engage in the art of wrecking enduro-bikes


Älg-Rally Team 2013 :

Oct 2013 - We did the Salam Maroc 2 - 1600km off road in the Sahara and Atlas mountains

In Feb 2013 we did a winter RAID in Norway - on 2 wheels, heavily spiked !!


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Älg Rally press - Journal des Motards Jan 2009

Älg Rally press - SidKar Oct 2009