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Portugal 2009

Stage - Portugal 2009 - To prepare for the 2010 event - and see what the heck we are getting ourselves into anyway - an Off Road Stage has been absolved in the Portugese inland near Coimbra from 23-30th of October 2009. Lex did some good scouting in 2008 already - see below some of the scenery and enjoy Lex in his RoboCop outfit - also pictures of the 2009 stage below. The 2009 Stage was an awesome happening. The stay was great thanks to Geoff our guide and Linda who looked after our wellbeing&catering. The atmosphere was familiar and informal straight from the start. Like meeting long lost friends. The scenenery is abosultely breathtaking with very friendly people, orginal villages, and a gazillion deserted dirt and rocky roads just asking to be ridding on off-road bikes.

Our acquired indifference from our Artic trips came in handy, as the off-road driving is sort of a similar uncontrolled experience, so we rather quickly picked up on it. Geoff spotted our "incompetence compensated by indifference" quickly and thus charged us with compelling off-road work in rather a quick tempo. Being out riding with Geoff and his mates, who made everthing look real easy, further tempted us to try all kind of mischief - with we miraculously mastered with not to many bruises and damage to the bikes. Eating our lunchpacks at beautifull streams and small lakes to jump into to wash off the dust where further highlights of the day - as well as the late evening jump in the cold pool and good dinners and drinks at the cottage. Seriously - One thing to do in your bikers life - go and do Geoff his off road trip !! You will not regret it !! Have a look at http://www.motorcycle-holiday.com

Robocop Lex

Marks first crash.... difficult passage in the bush

Beautiful site - deserted watermill.


Dimension of "steep climb"

Off-road... for sure...

Still call this a "path" ?

Exterme descent...

Maarten "nailed" his tyre.

Top of the Hill

The deserted Village - Pauls favourite

Mud Passage

Dirty, dusty and happy

Mark with awesome view in background

Lex and Mark above the clouds