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lg 2008 Pictures

Clutch problems

change tires on the ferry Rostock - Helsinki

Oh-ohhh leaking inner tube...

Important notice in the ships bar

Ignition troubles

French Cheese night..

Getting dark very early up North

Earned with pride

Cold Sauna

Lex on a better suited vehicle for snow.

Ski-doo tour

Finnish people must be Scrabble Masters...

Artic Conditions

We made it to the Artic Circle.. from here still 750 km straight North to Kirkenes... Moermansk here we come !

Manny breaking his shoulder (as we found out later)


Anti Fog ?

Reached Kirkenes

Slippery & Cold

Dogs with traction !!

Lonesome biker

Fresh killings

Their lucky relatives

100 km from Moermansk, Russia

Cold couch

dogs !

Santa s home (Rovaniemi)

And on our return over the polar circle

Drunk Opa ?

Prepping for Germany...

Deadbeat biker...Manny is in pain and exhausted...

Cooking Red Soup at the ferry

Down and out....

Manny get picked up by the ADAC in Rostock